Technology: Checkout The New Bulletproof Schoolbag specially designed for Children

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Following the gun epidemic in the united states parents are beginning to shop for bulletproof school bags and backpacks for their kids.

The prices of these bulletproof backpacks have soared more than 300% recently following the increase in mass shootings in the United States.
Looking at the school bags, you’ll never know they are made of bulletproof unless you were told.

The bulletproof school bags come in different styles, shapes, colours and sizes. The major difference between these bags and your normal schoolbags is that these ones provide ballistic protects and can stop several rounds of gunfire. It can save the lives of children who are running away from the shooter by absorbing the bullets.

The handbags are designed to be stylish and good looking. But inside the bags, there are panels that protect you from bullets thereby increasing your chances of survival. Worried parents are already buying the bags for their kids.

The bags which cost between N36,000 to N180,000 are already available in different variants and the prices depend on the size and thickness of the armour it carries. Most online stores including shops in the US are already selling the bags. The companies who produce them include ArmorMe, TuffyPack, Bullet Blocker and so on.

While the bags may be able to stop bullets from small firearms, there’s no evidence that suggests the bags will be able to stop bullets from powerful semi-automatic rifles or even save the life of the person wearing them. What if the child isn’t wearing the bag when the shooting starts?

However, parents will feel better knowing that their kids have some level of protection in the form of bulletproof school bags than having nothing at all.

What do you think of this innovation? Tell us in the comments section.

credit:- TechCapon

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