Listing Guidelines on DealHub.

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To post the products you want to sell or the services you are offering on DealHub, it must follow below guidelines.

* The product(s) must be available, at your hand before opening thread to offer them for sale. Please if what you want to sell is not with you do not bother opening any thread to offer them for sale. If you are offering a services, you must be in available for the job and to complete them in due time as agreed with your client.

* Each thread must contain one product or service, unless you are offering bulk product sales or multiple services.

* Do not hijack another person's thread or spam existing thread with you products and services feel free to open your own thread for this. Failure to abide by this rule will lead to serious ban.

* Pricing: telling people to contact you privately for pricing is not allowed. All negotiations must be done publicly, on the thread to avoid confusions and complications. If you are not ready to offer the price of your products and services please do NOT list them here.

* Pictures: you must attach the original pictures or the screenshot of the products and the services you are offering. Your thread will be deleted and account banned if we notice you copied the pictures of your said products somewhere else including the internet.

* Negotiations and private contacts: private negotiations are not allowed here, pricing should done and be agreed on the public thread. You will be banned if you drop your private contacts like your Facebook profile, phone numbers and emails. This has been mentioned above but we are seriously stressing on it.

* Escrow Services: we are glad to announce that we are offering escrow services to the interested parties, at a very cheap rate. This will be of great importance to our stand in DealHub. Instruction about this will be posted and referenced.

* Do not open more than one thread for any product or services. Spamming DealHub with multiple threads for one product it service will not get you banned.

* Do not sell any product you can did not have the the permission. Stolen, nulled or cracked software are not allowed here.
Do not sell open source software in DealHub, it's against the permission.

Thanks for your interest.
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