Understanding "ONLY" in the Bank Slip.

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I've came up against many people that have bad comments about the "ONLY" in the back slips and cheque books.
To be fair to some of them, they could have been right in a way as it sounds as if their transactions are looked down on, with the somehow less appreciative - ONLY.
With that it sounds as if to say - "my friend is it ONLY this amount you have to offer"? "You can do more"...

But let's look at the facts by answering below questions -
* Does "only" in this context denote unappreciative comment/feedback?
* Does only actually mean that the amount is too small? If not, what then does it mean?

To the point, only is by no means unappreciative feedback but rather an official transactional pointer which solely suggests that nothing more was and will be added to the transaction apart from the enclosed amount. This is like a seal that enclosed the transaction and it also means that nothing more will be added after the figures.

Does "only" actually mean small or little?
No, it doesn't. However, in some other context it can mean less than expected but in actual sense it means - NO MORE, NOTHING TO ADD or NOTHING MORE TO ADD.

A good example to explain this is to look at lorries with inscription - "Goods Only". By "Goods Only" it means that the vehicle does not carry any other thing (like commercial passengers) apart from Goods.
So, please, free our bankers and stop funny comments like "I am depositing twenty million naira and you are saying only". The above comment depicts a total ignorance even bankers no longer argue on the topic.
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